SMS Marketing for Your Business

man-with-phoneGive your business the boost it needs with SMS marketing. Build valuable SMS lists of active consumers that show an intest in your products or services! Then, have the added ability to promote your products and services to your sms subscribers, anytime, on demand.
SMS marketing is by far the most effective and affordable form of mobile marketing available to any business. SMS marketing campaigns can be setup quickly and bring results in a matter of days.
If your current marketing is not bringing you the results you want, it’s time to consider mobile. If you’re looking for a better, quicker way to grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty, then SMS marketing is your best option.
Here are just a few ways SMS marketing can achieve your goals…

Mobile Coupons

Most all consumers love a bargain! Mobile coupon usage is on a rapid rise, and in the process, they’re making paper coupons a thing of the past. You can deliver a mobile coupon to your subscibers immediately, on demand.
Simply provide an irresistable offer with a call-to-action. All the customer needs to do to, to get the offer, is use their smartphone to send a keyword by text. They will instantly be subscribed and receive your mobile coupon to their mobile device. They have the coupon saved and ready to use when they need it, either right away or later on. They’re happy and you’re building a valuable list of subscribers.
Special Offers

SMS Text Open Rate Outperforms Email x3

Nearly 100% of all cell phones are now capable of receiving sms text messages. Text messages have an average open rate of 97%! This far outpaces emails, which have an open rate of roughly 33%.
These recent studies are getting the attention of many small business owners who are seeing little, if any, success with their traditional marketing. They’re starting to recognize the power of mobile marketing and are soon finding phenomenal success.
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